Full Circle Doula

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compassionate support from birth to bereavement

What We Do

Everything in life can be seen through the lens of constant cycling through birth, growth, death. Just as the seasons pass, so too do our lives carry us into change. Sometimes those changes are fluid, smooth, easy....but not always. It helps to have support, especially when life offers us the opportunity for big growth.


A Full Circle Doula comes in and asks, "How can I fill in the gaps?" Some of us have wonderful support systems already and a Full Circle Doula only adds to your team! Your Full Circle Doula will never replace anyone, instead she brings her expertise and offers a special kind of attention that allows everyone involved that much more room to breathe.


So what do we do? 

We help hold things together when the road gets bumpy.

We cheer you on as you jump from new heights.

We deal with the mundane so you can focus on imperatives.

We hold space for you to fall to pieces then help you put yourself back together.


Still not quite sure if a Full Circle Doula can help you? Check our our list of services or contact us directly!

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