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By admin, Feb 4 2017 06:00PM

"Were to begin ... DeBorah was irreplaceable in our birthing story ~ at the time she was 4 months pregnant herself and was a constant support ~ she knew exactly what I needed and what to do to relieve pressure ,pain , and discomfort <3 the whole time she went with the movement of the birth and knew when to be a quite comfort and when to be a loving encourager <3 when it came time to push I was by myself and called for help she was the first one there with her full blown reassurance and strength ~ she literally helped me up while I was essentially dead weight to help me move to the pool ~ (like a boss)~ looking back on the whole process I'm pretty sure I would not have had nearly as much strength with out her and my amazing team (husband and midwife) from the first meeting with DeBorah to the last ,the information , affirmation , listening ear , and peace she gave were an incredible foundation to the hopeful anticipation I carried into our birthing journey ~ we love her so much and both me and my husband can't imagine a better doula for the birth of our precious wonder <3"

~Tatum Y.

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