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By admin, Feb 7 2017 06:16AM

"DeBorah is magical. Magical in the sense that I was truly meandering my way around websites looking for a physical solution to an emotional problem. I believe I am a good person by nature but there is this self-destructive part of me that constantly oppresses those positive actions. I was stopped in my tracks the moment I read DeBorah’s words. From the first time we met I felt safe; no words or actions would be judged. It was finally okay for me to stop and just breathe. It felt like a fresh start. Initially it was difficult to process but the way she made herself 100% available to me gave me the space to simply be myself.

In a world full of greed and self-serving people DeBorah is truly remarkable. Her selfless commitment to bear the burden for others is something I cannot begin to out into words. Her generosity and willingness to offer her “self” as the fuel to be consumed by that destructive nature rendered it powerless and ultimately unnecessary. She gave me permission to do what felt right and good without the fear of judgement.

Change- feared and hated by so many. Yet accepting change as a partner while navigating each turn is true enlightenment. And here I lie, enlightened. My world changed, my life redirected. DeBorah’s compassion has empowered me to accept my shortcomings and challenge myself to do more good than harm. I couldn’t do it on my own. She is a wren, whose beautiful song I will never forget. Who she is and what she does works and I found it was my job to simply learn."

~Shane L.

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