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By admin, Dec 28 2015 10:30AM

"DeBorah is magic, in every sense if the word.

She is an wonderful person, a marvelously skilled doula, a powerful healer, a marvelous cook, and an unwaveringly steadfast companion in times of transition.

She has a warm, caring demeanor, and an obvious obviously sincere urge to help all those in need.

When my little girl was barely one month old, I was struggling profoundly with the postpartum period. This was my first child, I had minimal support systems, and I shortly found myself at my wit's end, pleading for help to come, somehow, from somewhere.

At that most vulnerable of moments, Deborah was my knight in shining armor, my savior, and my light.

When I found her online profile and made initial contact, her manner was calm and compassionate. She spoke words of support and understanding which felt like a cool breeze to my tattered nerves.

My home was very remote, but Deborah made the journey to me for an initial interview very quickly.

Her manner, from the first home visit, was so careful and kind, that it was as if a great burden would be lifted from my shoulders, just by her presence.

For the months during which I was blessed with her care, Deborah managed to not only intuit and adapt to exactly what I and my family needed to flourish, but also to provide us abundantly with what we lacked.

She furnished me with the kind of support, connection, and love which I had hoped to encounter throughout the entirety of my life, but had never found. a time when I truly needed support, connection, and love more than ever before.

She was my rock, my ballast, and my guide in dark places. She was an integral, and irreplaceable part of my daughter's life while we were under her care, and knowing her changed my life for the better in nearly innumerable ways

I feel that my daughter and I are truly beyond blessed to have met, and worked with Deborah... and even more so to now call her our friend."

~Emily B.

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