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By admin, Apr 10 2014 04:00AM

"I am lucky enough to have known Deborah since we were fifteen years old. Sadly we were out of contact during the birth of my first son, Michael. Three years later, though, we had reconnected, and she doulaed for the birth of my second son, Liam. By this time, my husband had joined the Air Force. So, Deborah flew out to Hawaii to be my caregiver. Air Force work shifts at that time were 12 hour shifts, and so when my husband was not working he was trying to get some sleep. So, I really needed someone by my side. Deborah used her intuitive nature and brought me all of my favorite treats, and she did all she could to entertain me and keep my spirits up. Fast forward three more years. I was pregnant with my third son, and I had a second C-section ahead of me. We were back in California at this time. My youngest son to be, Flynn, had already been diagnosed in utero with a rare heart defect, thought to require immediate open heart surgery. We were looking at 3 to 4 days of recovery from my C-section and at least three weeks of recovery for my son's surgery. My biggest fear, aside from the possibility of losing my son, was the neglect my other boys may suffer. So I called upon Deborah, and her many skills, to watch over my boys; keep them from being afraid, and make them feel important. And she did. Lucky for us all, my son's health was so good that surgery was postponed for almost two years. Deborah cared for my children for the four days that I spent at Rady's recovering and then stayed with us for another week offering help anywhere that she could. She cleaned house, cooked meals, cared for me, allowed me rest, and continued to entertain my children. All with such genuine kindness. I will never able to put into words the gratitude I feel toward this woman. My boys are my everything, and she made them feel safe, and cared for them, and gave me the freedom to care for my special needs son. She truly loves all people, and is able to show it in many different ways."

~Allison H.

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