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By admin, Aug 19 2013 07:00PM

"I remained unconvinced for quite a while when my pregnant hippie told me she wanted to have a doula at our birth. At the end of a grueling five day ordeal that saw my "natural only" wife moved from a birth center, to the hospital, to an emergency C section... I am so thankful that Deborah was there with us.

Other people will no doubt talk on and on about what a great buffer she is after the birth or how excellent she is at preparing you for the days and weeks of sleeplessness and joy you're about to go through. She is, no doubt, incredibly good at these things. While I could not imagine those first weeks without her, I found her partnership in the start of our new family in the little moments. Deborah's versatile conversation, cups of tea, and quiet companionship while I wrapped my mind around my own changed priorities are priceless.

In short, Deborah is a gem, and you'll be glad to have her on your team. I know I am."

~Dustin S.

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