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By admin, Feb 18 2010 12:47AM

“Deborah is well qualified as a doula. She has experience caring for children, adults and elders. This results in a deep empathy for people and their experiences, an incredible skill at listening – hearing that which is said and that which is not – and very practical skills in physical care, comfort and assistance.

Deborah came into our lives when our oldest daughter was 11 months old. She worked for us as a full time nanny for several years and then continued to care for our three little daughters for various extended periods of time, including traveling with us on numerous occasions. Deborah helped to care for me as well – while watching the children – through my two pregnancies during her tenure, often intuiting what it was I needed when I was not in touch with those needs myself.

One year Deborah travelled with us to Hawaii during the late stages of my father’s rapid and terminal brain cancer. I was five months pregnant at the time, experiencing contractions every two minutes and was very compromised. Our other daughters were 3 1/ 2 and 1 ½ and were sensing the illness and the approaching death and were trying to understand it all. In addition, they were dealing with their own fear around my bed rest. Deborah provided care to everyone. Without ever discussing it, she knew when to take the children out of the house, she knew when to sit and talk with them, she knew when she had to insist on me laying down and taking medication and, alternately, she knew when I could not stay down and she helped me to complete whatever was gnawing at me, she knew when it was time to make dinner, she knew when she had to step in to help my father. She did all seamlessly and without reservation.

Additionally, Deborah is very spiritual, accessing a higher power to guide her, while having her feet firmly planted in this world. I have seen her successfully draw on various faiths and practices, either formally or merely in storytelling, to discuss such difficult subjects as death and illness and after life. Deborah comes from a challenging background from which she reached for higher good and consciousness. She is a very, very caring individual. Because of her many and diverse experiences, I feel that she can relate to many different kinds of people”

~Leah H.

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