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By admin, Dec 28 2015 10:30AM

"DeBorah is magic, in every sense if the word.

She is an wonderful person, a marvelously skilled doula, a powerful healer, a marvelous cook, and an unwaveringly steadfast companion in times of transition.

She has a warm, caring demeanor, and an obvious obviously sincere urge to help all those in need.

When my little girl was barely one month old, I was struggling profoundly with the postpartum period. This was my first child, I had minimal support systems, and I shortly found myself at my wit's end, pleading for help to come, somehow, from somewhere.

At that most vulnerable of moments, Deborah was my knight in shining armor, my savior, and my light.

When I found her online profile and made initial contact, her manner was calm and compassionate. She spoke words of support and understanding which felt like a cool breeze to my tattered nerves.

My home was very remote, but Deborah made the journey to me for an initial interview very quickly.

Her manner, from the first home visit, was so careful and kind, that it was as if a great burden would be lifted from my shoulders, just by her presence.

For the months during which I was blessed with her care, Deborah managed to not only intuit and adapt to exactly what I and my family needed to flourish, but also to provide us abundantly with what we lacked.

She furnished me with the kind of support, connection, and love which I had hoped to encounter throughout the entirety of my life, but had never found. a time when I truly needed support, connection, and love more than ever before.

She was my rock, my ballast, and my guide in dark places. She was an integral, and irreplaceable part of my daughter's life while we were under her care, and knowing her changed my life for the better in nearly innumerable ways

I feel that my daughter and I are truly beyond blessed to have met, and worked with Deborah... and even more so to now call her our friend."

~Emily B.

By admin, Jul 16 2014 10:00PM

"Thank you for your patience, love and wisdom. I feel you've made a positive change in me and I'm stronger, more driven and equipped to become the person I want to be. You are an amazing woman in so many ways."

~Tyler T.

By admin, Jul 1 2014 04:00PM

"If I wanted to write a book on the best woman to have in my life during a very special intimate time I could and it would be about DeBorah. Some folks have that ability to walk into another's life rite on time for a reason that you don’t quite know from the start, this is how DeBorah and I met. It was a hot summer night in the hills of Or. when her van drove her right to me for a brief but uplifting moment it time followed by my quick departure to Montana. We stayed in touch through gentle loving texts till i had missed a menstrual cycle and that’s when our communication became a bit more heavily with a life now growing inside me. She was states away but right next to me with her love and comforting, this kept up till baby and i were very large and ready to soon meet one another.

DeBorah drove all the way from Portland to Missoula Mt to offer all her love, guidance, and that wonderful sense of humor. Only having met for that short time and now sharing my home it felt as though she had been in my life sense day one. The cooking, giggles, and self exploration was everything a person can ask for.

The days went by and baby just hung out in utero and DeBorah hung out as well till it happened. Labor came fast, hard, and all at once and she didn’t miss a beet with lack of sleep and all. I didn’t have to express to this woman my wants or needs, she was one step ahead the whole time in this special time. From the first contraction till the crowing of my son I felt 100% comforted and in control with her strong and steady working her magic.

Once home from the birthing center her love and guidance never stopped. This woman made sure I was fed, hydrated, and both physically and mentally ok, she even made me home made shushi! She stayed by our side till she could see we had the confidence and strength as momma and baby to both breast feed our selves and succeed in our new journey in life.

If you are searching for some one to stand strong and gentle during any time of need or want in your life I would say look no further and you wont be disappointed."

~Jessie S.

By admin, May 17 2014 06:00AM

"DD, you're the best. Don't let anyone tell you different."

~David H.

By admin, Apr 10 2014 04:00AM

"I am lucky enough to have known Deborah since we were fifteen years old. Sadly we were out of contact during the birth of my first son, Michael. Three years later, though, we had reconnected, and she doulaed for the birth of my second son, Liam. By this time, my husband had joined the Air Force. So, Deborah flew out to Hawaii to be my caregiver. Air Force work shifts at that time were 12 hour shifts, and so when my husband was not working he was trying to get some sleep. So, I really needed someone by my side. Deborah used her intuitive nature and brought me all of my favorite treats, and she did all she could to entertain me and keep my spirits up. Fast forward three more years. I was pregnant with my third son, and I had a second C-section ahead of me. We were back in California at this time. My youngest son to be, Flynn, had already been diagnosed in utero with a rare heart defect, thought to require immediate open heart surgery. We were looking at 3 to 4 days of recovery from my C-section and at least three weeks of recovery for my son's surgery. My biggest fear, aside from the possibility of losing my son, was the neglect my other boys may suffer. So I called upon Deborah, and her many skills, to watch over my boys; keep them from being afraid, and make them feel important. And she did. Lucky for us all, my son's health was so good that surgery was postponed for almost two years. Deborah cared for my children for the four days that I spent at Rady's recovering and then stayed with us for another week offering help anywhere that she could. She cleaned house, cooked meals, cared for me, allowed me rest, and continued to entertain my children. All with such genuine kindness. I will never able to put into words the gratitude I feel toward this woman. My boys are my everything, and she made them feel safe, and cared for them, and gave me the freedom to care for my special needs son. She truly loves all people, and is able to show it in many different ways."

~Allison H.

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