Full Circle Doula

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compassionate support from birth to bereavement


Finding someone you trust to care for your children can be a daunting task. Feeling confident that you're leaving them in good hands is imperative to your ability to accomplish necessary tasks, enjoy your outing or simply have peace of mind while you're away. When you hire a Full Circle Doula as your Nanny you can rest assured that you've made the best choice in childcare.


Your Full Circle Doula offers child centered care that is creative, compassionate and playful based in Authoritative parenting styles and progressive adult/child communication techniques. She will prepare healthy meals, plan outings and invent new and exciting activities that are both educational and fun! You'll likely over hear her making up songs and stories, and she is well versed in the play-based learning styles of young children. Not to mention she's a skilled and attentive tutor for older kids


If transportation is necessary you can feel at ease knowing your FCD Nanny has an impeccable driving record and always maintains safe driving practices so everyone arrives at their destination safe and sound.


When you return home you'll receive honest and forthright communication about your child's day in as much or as little detail as you'd like. Your Full Circle Doula is highly adaptable to accommodate a variety of parental preferences concerning the many aspects of your child's care.


As your Nanny she is expert at managing the organization of the home, making sure chores are done, toys are put away and necessary next-day preparations are complete before she leaves. These are tasks she enjoys getting the kids involved in, encouraging self-sufficiency and pride in a job well done from an early age.