Full Circle Doula

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compassionate support from birth to bereavement


No matter your personal belief system, it is undeniable for most of us that a spiritual force courses through our lives. It breathes life into everything we do; it can pull us out of the depths darkness to shed light on our fears. There are times, however, when the darkness seems to creep in unexpectedly, when our fears grab hold of us pulling a fog of anxiety over our days. By reaching out to a FCD Minister you can rest assured that the path ahead will once again be illuminated.


Ordained through the Universal Life Church, your FCD Minister approaches your situation with an open heart and mind. She will draw upon her understanding of the various religious and spiritual constructs to offer support and guidance specific to your needs. Her willingness to listen and reflect intuitively gives her the unique ability to channel Spirit for the benefit of your growth.


The FCD Minister offers wedding and memorial ceremonies, baby blessings, and spiritual counseling services as well as meditation and dream journey guidance

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