Full Circle Doula

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compassionate support from birth to bereavement


“I’ve got an herb for that!” Your FCD Herbalist has cultivated a deep, intuitive relationship with a number of native plant remedies and is always ready to suggest how they might be of use to you.


In our modern age of the “quick fix” style prescriptions, herbalism assists the body in regaining its natural ability to heal and transform itself. Through simple, three part remedies tailored to your individual needs your FCD Herbalist offers an alternative to many of the synthetic, chemical laden medications the can wreak havoc on the body and mind.


Whether you need a tea, tincture, essential oil, salve or other concoction, your FCD Herbalist is ready to prepare the remedy for you. If she cannot prepare it herself, she will direct you to where you can either acquire ingredients or the premade remedy.


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