Full Circle Doula

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Energetic Bodyworker

To achieve a complete sense of well being it is important to tend to all the layers of self, including the oft ignored energetic self. Your FCD Energetic Bodyworker uses a hands-on style of energywork to clear, calm, and center the body's energy field. She acts as a conduit, allowing Universal Energy to flow through her to adjust your body's frequencies to their optimum levels. Contrary to other styles of energywork, many people find having the warmth of touch comforting during these sessions.


The energy field is affected by what happens on every other layer of the self; emotional ripples, physical kinks, even the kind of foods you consume will disrupt the well being of your energetic body. Regular adjustments create trickle down healing that benefits every part of the self. Many people experience improved sleep, clarity of mind, ease of physical ailments, and overall sense of being more "in" their body.