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Death Midwife

A FCD Death Midwife supports the family in deciding how best to honor their loved one and aids them in moving through the bereavement process. Grief and loss begin as soon as someone has been diagnosed with a life threatening disease and may continue for years or it may come on quickly in the event of an unexpected loss. A FCD Death Midwife supports both sudden and anticipatory grief through pre-planning when possible and allowing more space and time for bereavement in all scenarios.


A FCD Death Midwife encourages loved ones to gather and care for their dearly departed in an intimate way, the kind we are not given with our modern funeral system. Your FCD Death Midwife will guide you in the hands on care of the one you've lost and help you find ways to involve those who want to be present in the loving, timely process of saying goodbye.


Death often brings individuals together, even after years of separation. Opting to have a FCD Death Midwife assist in the home funeral planning and after death care eases the sometimes heavy burden of sorting through so many details alone. Much like a Celebrant, your FCD Death Midwife can help you create the kind of ceremony you may have never realized was possible and creating the time to call in loved ones from all over the world, even in the event of a sudden loss.


It is only very recently in the span of human history that we have so completely lost our sense of how to honor life's passages. Some cultures in this world still do so but many here in the U.S. do have forgotten. A FCD Death Midwife assists you and your family in rediscovering this basic right, in creating what may become a family tradition for many generations to follow, a tradition designed to honor both the life and the death of each individual as they move through their final transition in this lifetime.


Our modern funeral practices give little to no time to truly say goodbye to our loved ones. Often almost as soon as they have passed they are whisked away, sometimes never to be seen, touched, or held once more. A FCD Death Midwife educates families on how to keep their loved ones close for a longer period of time, allowing those saying goodbye to experience more deeply the process of grieving and to witness their passing in a much more connected, natural way.

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