Full Circle Doula

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compassionate support from birth to bereavement


Your FCD Counselor offers individual, family and relationship counseling focusing on nonviolent communication, love languages and cooperative resolution. Acting as a sounding board she holds space for you to work through the sometimes difficult to navigate topics with more clarity.


While we live in a culture that sends us the message that asking for help is a weakness, we FCD Counselors believe it is just the opposite. It takes great strength and presence of character to be vulnerable enough to seek outside support. There is much work you can do on your own, to be sure, but to invite in a 3rd party reflection can be revealing. This practice sometimes brings up parts of ourselves we have been unable or unwilling to look at in the past. We want to acknowledge your courage and offer our empathetic ear in service of your growth. By offering both in person and online sessions, you can be in touch with your FCD Counselor from anywhere in the world.

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