Full Circle Doula

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compassionate support from birth to bereavement

Code of Ethics

My primary responsibility is to my clients. I have no predetermined agenda regarding the process or outcome of our time together other than the goals clearly set forth and discussed with my clients.


I will make every effort to foster maximum self-determination on the part of my client. I will under no circumstances make decisions for clients.


I will make every possible effort to provide uninterrupted support during our time together.


I will treat clients, colleagues, and health professionals with dignity, respect, courtesy, honesty, confidentiality and as an equal.


I will conduct myself with the utmost integrity, responsibility and accountability.


I will hold in confidence all client information obtained in the course of professional service and I will ask in advance if I intend to use any information obtained through our time together for any other purpose.


I will share with my client all my knowledge, skills, experience and expertise where appropriate or necessary.


I will provide skilled emotional, physical, and informational support. If for any reason I am unable to provide this, I will inform the client and refer them to someone else to the best of my ability.