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Birth Partner

Having a Full Circle Doula Birth Doula during labor greatly reduces the instance of complications and increases a family’s overall satisfaction with the experience. An FCD Birth Doula can offer support in whatever setting you choose to labor and will honor the choices you make for your pregnancy, labor, delivery, and infant care.


Your FCD Birth Doula's primary role is to ensure that you are well informed, confident, comfortable, and as ready as you can be for the unexpected miracles that occur during the birthing process. By no means does your Birth Doula ever make decisions for you or push her opinion over yours. She encourages you to trust your intuition and honors your right to make the choices you feel are best for you.


Once you hire your Birth Doula, expect to become the VIP during your time together, especially during your labor. She will offer both hands-on support and hands-off. Your Birth Doula has the uncanny ability to observe when each is needed and act accordingly, responding with compassion and respect to every request you make during this time.


A Birth Doula is endowed with a deep sense of understanding and generosity of heart. It is her job to listen to not just your direct words, but your actions and what you say to others in her presence. She will take in all that information and use it to help create a nurturing environment personalized to you.


When a mother experiences her birth as a positive life event, her heart and mind are primed to accept her child into the world with a deep sense of connection and love. During the natural birth process your body will produce hormones that are specifically designed to bond you and your baby on a biological level. Having a Birth Doula present encourages relaxation, trust, and safety - the kind of factors that encourage such an outcome.